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Students must have a FSUCard and must activate your FSUID to use the web to check class schedules, pay fees online, check grades, change your mailing address, etc.

Get your FSUCard in the Office of Student Affairs, on the second floor of the Barron Administration Building. There, you can:

  • Get your first time card
  • Get a replacement card
  • Get information on how to activate yout FSU ID, manage your FSU e-mail account and register for classes.

Please bring photo identification when visiting the FSUCard Center for your first time card.

There is no initial card fee for the first FSUCard you receive. Rather, there is a recurring $5 semester term fee issued every spring and fall semester.

Your FSUCard is a vital part of every day life at FSU and care should be taken to ensure that the card is not lost, stolen or damaged.
If your card is lost or stolen, come to the FSUCard Center to obtain a replacement FSUCard at a replacement fee of $15.00. There is no charge for legal name changes.
You are required to present an FSUCard to print in the Library & Learning Center (LLC) and purchase student discount tickets (for example, athletics events in Tallahassee).

For more information please call:

Office of Student Affairs, 2nd floor Barron Building
phone (850) 770-2170 toll-free (866) MyFSUPC (866-693-7872)

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